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"Astrology holds a mirror
to your inner life"

- Steven Forrest

Astrology is a symbolic language which integrates modern psychology and oriental philosophies. A sensitive and professional reading of your birth chart serves to clarify
and deepen your  understanding of who you are.  
The correlation between the birth chart and the personality continues to astound me. 
I have repeatedly witnessed how a birth chart provides a portrait of the personality and, perhaps more importantly, a guide which paves the way for you to fulfil your mission in life. 

My wish, as I read your chart, is to illuminate your talents and to validate your struggles and pain. I do not practice predictive astrology; But I can offer you a key to access the treasures
with which you have come into this world. 

My aim is to help you find your voice and to live in harmony with your true nature.

i can help
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About Nili Mendelsohn

Following my university studies, where I earned my MA in English literature, I taught languages in academia, and also developed a dancing career. My interest in astrology grew steadily over the years, reaching the point where I decided to study it professionally.  

Though I had dabbled in astrology for some time, it was only when I got a reading from the astrologer Steven Forrest, in 2009, that I first awoke to the seriousness, depth and power of Evolutionary Astrology...  


 - C.G.Jung

מפה אסטרולוגית
"The privilage of a lifetime is to become
who you truly are"


Wow Nili! You are amazing!!! Thank you so much for your deep and thorough reading of my birth chart. Thank you for illuminating my life journey, for explaining to me where my soul came from, where I am today, and where I am headed. Your insightful and  fascinating explanation of my personality and of my path towards healing and self-acceptance has helped me understand the “roles of my life’s events and the people in my life.
Thank you Nili. With Love, 

Lilach Yeshsayahu, Astrologer

Dry Roses and Diary


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