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Natal chart Reading
Natal Chart Reading

Natal chart reading
90 minutes / 150$

The symbols in your birth-chart are like messages sent especially to you, reminding you what your soul has come here to do. Ultimately, understanding your chart offers you the gift of living a in alignment with your true nature. As we explore your birthchart together, we gain deeper insights into your personality and into your mission in this world.
To set up you birthchart, please enter your birth date, birth place and time of birth.


Transits and progressions reading
2 hours / 230$

This is a reading for returning clients who have already had a natal chart reading with me
A transit reading helps to better understand the influence of the planetary motions as they manifest in your ever-changing life. The transiting planets trigger inner changes, and very often mysteriously coincide with events in the outer world. Knowing what to expect can not only explain the current changes in your psyche, but also help achieve the best response to these changes. 

Transits and progressions reading
short consultations
Short consultations

Short consultations   
45 minutes / 80$

These sessions offer a look into a specific topic which you would like to investigate, such as your life-path, work, family, relationships.
Alternatively, you may want to have a brief interpretation of your birth chart as a holistic entity; then we would touch on the major themes presented in your chart without going very deeply into each one of them.


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