Natal Chart Reading

Natal chart reading

What makes you feel alive? How do you find meaning in your life? These are the themes which I look for in your chart. My aim is to help you access your talents and strengths and to illuminate repeating patterns which might hinder your authentic self-expression. As an evolutionary astrologer, I believe that your chart holds the key to the highest manifestation of your potentials, as well as the shadow aspect of the architypes. It provides a map to the evolution of your soul, increases self-understanding and inner growth.  
To set up your chart and prepare for our meeting, I would need your birth date and place, and an accurate birth time. If you have specific issues you would like me to relate to, please let me know prior to the reading.  


Transits and progressions reading

The planetary energies whose patterns are created in you at birth continue changing as time unfolds and as we mature. A transit reading can help you respond to, and understand, these archetypal energies which are now influencing your life.
The transiting planets trigger inner changes and cycles, and very often mysteriously coincide with events in the outer world. Knowing what to expect can not only explain the current changes in your psyche, but also help achieve a positive response to these changes. 

Transits and progressions reading
Short consultations

Short consultations

These half-hour sessions offer a look into a specific topic which you would like to investigate, such as work, family, relationships, and more.          
Alternatively, you may want to have a brief interpretation of your birth chart as a holistic entity; then we would touch on the major themes presented in your chart and the current triggering of aspects affecting you at this moment.

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