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Following my university studies, where I earned my MA in English literature, I taught languages in academia, and also developed a dancing career.
My interest in astrology grew steadily over the years, reaching the point where I decided to study it professionally.  
Though I had dabbled in astrology for some time,
it was only when I got a reading from the astrologer Steven Forrest, in 2009, that I first awoke to the seriousness, depth and power of Evolutionary Astrology. 

נילי מנדלסון אסטרולוגית

The reading he gave me was a world apart from that of popular horoscope columns and radio shows.  It touched upon the core aspects of my personality. Through his skilled and sensitive reading, Steven was able to convey how aspects of myself long considered difficult or troublesome were not liabilities - they were assets that I could be proud of. 
Significantly, this reading helped me to accept parts of myself which had burdened me for years and which had made me feel inadequate. It helped me to gain peace with myself. The astrology which I practice is not predictive. It aims to bring about  more self-awareness, and this is the basis for breaking patterns which restrict growth and self-fulfillment.
Further, my engagement with Evolutionary Astrology connected me with something beyond a mere psychological exploration of my personality,
since it places individual existence in a cosmic context. This insight broadens the spiritual scope of daily life, infusing it with greater meaning.

I have studied with leading astrologers in the following schools: 

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מפה אסטרולוגית

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